Next Generation Express Delivery with DBike

Offer your customers the quickest sustainable delivery service in the city.

DBike for end-user
DBike for end-user

Offer your customers delivery within 1 hour

Bring your products where your customers want them, when they want them.

Save costs

Whether you take care of deliveries in-house or contract out - reduce your delivery costs by up to 50% with no contractual commitments.

Peace of mind

All deliveries are insured and carried out only by approved DBike messengers.

Optimise and save time

Manage 1 or 100 deliveries in one place and on any device. Need to change a delivery address or pick-up time? Contact your bike messenger directly.

Offer your customers the sustainable alternative they are looking for

Sustainable is the new premium. Build customer loyalty and attract new customers.
Now? In advance? <br /> Track the status of your delivery in real time.


Now? In Advance? Order a bike messenger for immediate pick-up or schedule for later.

Pay for your delivery via app. Receive your receipt via email. <br /> Forget paperwork!


Choose and save your preferred payment method and receive your invoices directly to your inbox.

Help DBike users to find the best biker. <br /> Rate your messenger with one click.


Rate your messenger with one click and help DBike users to find the best messenger for their needs.

Get started with next generation express delivery today!

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