Become a Bike Messenger

Become a Biker

How it works

Do you ride a bike? Do you have a smartphone? Then join the DBike community today!
Whether you’re a professional bike messenger or someone looking for some extra work on the side, you can use the DBike platform to access courier jobs in your local area.


Sign up

Download the free DBike Messenger application for Android or iOS and create an account. After completing a short verification process you can get ready to receive your first delivery requests right away.


Choose the jobs that suit you

Accept delivery requests based on their location, the delivery distance or the type of package to be transported. Whether you ride a cargo bike in the west of town or a fixie in the city – you can choose the jobs that are more suitable for you.


Opening hours

With DBike you are free to work whenever you want.
If you’re more a morning person or want to pick up some work on Saturdays – you decide when you are available for deliveries.
Use the “Available for deliveries” function to receive new requests in real-time, or simply turn it off when you are taking a break.

Get paid faster

Receive payment after each delivery and keep a higher percentage of each delivery amount.

If your customer pays cash, you will receive the payment on pick-up.
If your customer pays via PayPal, the transfer to your PayPal account will be made when the customer confirms receipt of a delivery, or 24 hours after you have confirmed the delivery (whichever is sooner).

DBike bike messengers need only to pay a small 20% fee to DBike for the service provided.

Our Messengers' Preferred Mechanic

Sounds Great! What's Next?

Have a bike? Apply today!

1. Download the app
2. Complete a background check
3. Start to deliver!