About DBike

About DBike

Sustainable services for local businesses

At DBike we believe that the greatest invention of the last 150 years, the bike, not only contributes to an increased quality of life but is the key to the future of transport in our cities.

That it is why we created DBike: a community platform, to share services provided by bike and leverage business opportunities using the most efficient method of transportation.

Whether for businesses large and small, eCommerce retailers or private individuals: The DBike platform improves customer access to local goods, whilst enabling business to expand their market reach and increase their competitive ability.

DBike Mission

At DBike our mission is to enable a new era of urban mobility and help urban communities throughout Europe design the cities they live in, by providing everyone with access to the fastest, most efficient and affordable delivery service available.

DBike Vision

Our vision is to build sustainable economies and support local businesses by offering seamless technology accessible to everyone, whilst growing the biking community.